Seven Seas Sharehouse

Kismet, Fire Island

Take a summer getaway like no other. We started as a group of almost-strangers in 2009 and, over our summers on the beach, have become a group of close friends with this special house at the center of it all. We invite you to come and share the magic of Kismet, here at Seven Seas!

The Best House For Groups

Seven Seas has 8 bedrooms and sleeps up to 19 comfortably. This makes it perfect for bigger groups that want to stay together, or, for smaller groups who want private rooms.

No Cars

There are no cars in Kismet. Everything is within walking distance: beach, bars, restaurants, etc. You don’t need a car to get here either, so there is no traffic to worry about.


Prices are all inclusive. There is no splitting up bills later. Seven Seas keeps the house fully stocked with food, a full bar and all the necessities of beach vacations, from sunscreen to toothpaste. Come straight from your home or office only clothes and a toothbrush.

Great Kitchen

We believe in living well and that means eating well. Our kitchen is well provided for with all the gear you need to cook a big meal and seat a big table. If you like sharing food and good times with your friends or family, Seven Seas will be a pleasure.

Online Payments

We live in an online world. We process all bookings and payments online. There is no need for checks, cash or stamps. We can even bill members of your party individually so you don’t have to ruin your each time with talk of who owes who what.